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1 SCRAPUZZLE, where all scrappers are!!!!!!
NR 14 1
A group of scrap cyber friends of 4 countries (AU, CA, UK, USA) has this project of a WORLDWIDE SCRAPBOOKING VIRTUAL SHOWCASE for present and future generations.
All scrapbooking fans i.e. home scrappers, sites, bloggers, forums, tops, shops, etc. are i
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2 rosa1scrap
NR 3 0
Digital Scrap site for taggers only freebie Comments
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3 Top 100 Chick Sites
NR 1 0
Add your website or eBay store today, for FREE! Dedicated to women-owned businesses. Stop in and browse our fatastic selection of merchants, all with that girly touch that makes shopping so much fun! Comments
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4 Top Business Women Sites
10.00 1 0
Is your site a Top Business Women Site? Come join our Top List for FREE! Want to stay listed at the top? Then buy a space! Prices start at just $2.09 per month! WOW! Comments
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5 Feel Excellent
NR 0 4
This is the ultimate overall wellness blog to help people live healthier lives through making their overall wellness superior NATURALLY. Comments
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